Oracle get into the Semantic Web

I just got an email from the Oracle Technology Network:

"Explore OTN Semantic Web (Beta) – and Provide Feedback!
OTN Semantic Web, now in Beta release, is a proof-of-concept application that demonstrates the use of RDF (Resource Description Framework)-based "Semantic Web" technology as the basis for a user experience that relies on dynamic relational navigation as well as Ajaxian user interfaces."

They've given links to the demo and FAQ.

As a developer, I thought this FAQ point was interesting:
"Why do different collection pages have different user interfaces?
This Beta is intended to expose users to a range of Semantic Web functionality and Ajaxian UIs. For that reason you will see several different varieties of each, and we welcome your feedback about each of them."

I wonder if they're collecting data on mouse patterns and running path analyses to see which interfaces are more effective.

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