Amazon's new look (with a bit of transparency)

Just today I asked if anyone used drop-down menus anymore, and here Amazon have gone and launched a new design that uses them.

I don't know how many people would notice, but I like that they've provided a link (in the top right-hand corner with the text, 'We've had a redesign. Take a look') to 'A Quick Tour of Our Redesign'. The page highlights some of the changes/new features and provides answers to questions including 'Why did you change the site?', 'How did you decide on this design?' and 'What's different?'.

I'm guessing they've done their research and found that kind of transparency helps people deal with the changes – I was hoping to blog about our web redesign process, and I think this shows its worth doing. I wonder how many people notice the 'redesign' link and are interested enough to click on it.

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