Giant squid dissection via live video

I've been watching the recording of the live stream of the first ever public dissection by Museum scientists of a giant squid.

Congratulations to everyone involved at Museum Victoria, it's a great use of technology and a great approach to openness. The explanations were beautifully clear, and did a great job of contextualising the research, the process and the animal itself.

I love the paparazzi-style photo flashes as they rolled the trolley out onto the main floor.

More Jonty! A tour of the Museum of London

Jonty's tour of the Museum of London

It's also up on Google video (Museum of London tour, Museum in Docklands tour) where I'm guessing more people might see it. I'm really curious to see if they bring in new visitors, and how much they increase awareness of the museums.

Jonty's tour of the Museum in Docklands

You probably didn't realise that one of the Museum of London's visitor assistants was in the UK Big Brother 2007 household. He's popped back into the Museum in Docklands to give a 'personal guided tour of his favourite things at Museum in Docklands', and it's available online now at