3 thoughts on “Crowdsourcing metadata cleaning?”

  1. Sounds pretty good, the work they're doing.

    I can't help feeling that people generally care much more about music than museum objects (and are thus more likely to want to participate in such a project), however I think we can probably use some aspects of this kind of work.

  2. The thing is, most people aren't setting out to 'participate in a metadata cleaning project', they're just voting on the correct artist name, or organising their iTunes, or whatever.

    Yeah, the user base is different and much bigger, but there are still lots of people organising, annotating and labelling museum objects – students, researchers, curators, collectors.

    If we could somehow capture the knowledge created when people use or interact with our objects, we'd end up with much better metadata. In reality, there are lots of issues to resolve but it's an interesting model.

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