Ada Lovelace Day at the Science Museum

I'm really excited that we've managed to get some new pages and updated text about Ada Lovelace on the Science Museum website, and particularly that it's in time for Ada Lovelace Day.  On a personal note, I'm thrilled because 'women in technology' has long been an issue close to my heart.  I think role models are important and I don't know if you can get better than the woman often described as "the world’s first computer programmer". 

It's also exciting because it shows that with the right infrastructure, and institutional support, museums can move quickly (ish) and be responsive to current events.  It couldn't have happened without the support of the curatorial and marketing departments.

The Computing gallery in the Science Museum has some great objects – Babbage's Analytical Engine and the Difference Engine built by the Science Museum according to Babbage's original specifications (and half ofBabbage's brain in a jar).  There are also performances by the Ada Lovelace drama character on Tuesday, March 24, so pop in if you're in London.

Speaking of Ada Lovelace Day, I'd better get my ALD09 blog post written tonight!  If you're not sure who to write about I've posted about possible candidates under the label AdaLovelaceDay09.

5 thoughts on “Ada Lovelace Day at the Science Museum”

  1. Thanks! I think getting Ada on the front page is pretty cool!

    As much as museums have personalities, I don't think one is human enough to have been inspired by anyone, no matter how cool she was – and would you want to read some bland marketingese spiel?

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