Back in the real world

I'm back in London after the 2007 Web Adept – UK Museums on the Web conference and the Mashed Museum hack day in Leicester. I'll post my paper up later today. I think my head is still spinning from all the conversations and learning and hacking. I'll write more when it's all settled into my brain but one thing that's clear is that the time might be ripe for the museums sector to pull together and think about and act on shared repositories, common or global object models, folksonomies, etc, in a strategic, transparent and gracious way. Maybe the papers presented this time next year will be about 'the death of the institutional silo'.

On a personal note, I realised that I've used 'extensible, re-usable and interoperable' in every paper I've given in the past two years. I guess you can take the geek out of Open Source but you can't take the Open Source out of the geek.

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